Found in Doha

The installation was created as part of a student lab for Tasmeem Doha 2013, the international art and design conference held biennially at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.The lab was led by Mary-Lou Arscott, Nick Durrant, Kelly Hutzell, and Rami el Samahy. Students from VCU-Q, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, and RMIT in Melbourne, Australia participated, including: Maram Hussain Al-Abdulla, Farheen Ehasamulla, Khouloud Al-Emadi, Hissa Yousuf Fakhroo, Hamda Al-Kuwari, Dana El-Masri, Fatima Al-Mass, Najd Al-Mesned, Yara Al-Muftah, Alexia Thomas, Noora Hassan Zaini, Haya Al Khalifa, Fatima Al-Khayat, Al-Jawahra Al-Mana, Noor Al-Mohannadi, Mohamad Abdullah Zafar, and Adelle Lin. Lab liaisons were Laurie Cuishaw and Lina Mahusain.

This installation is intended as a curiosity cabinet of physical and immaterial found objects that reflect Doha’s fascinating cultural dynamics. Representative items were collected and inventoried, and placed either in shelves or in the qarqur (fishing baskets typical of the region) suspended from the ceiling. The shelves held digitally found objects as well: photographs and analytical maps looped on monitors placed face up. Also on the shelves were a series of moving images, each capturing a set of the city's flows: cars, birds, dust, and fish.

More to come...

Found in Doha Found in Doha